Friday, November 30, 2007

CYWC Day #2 - Rest of the Day

Matt. 11:28 "Come to me, all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest."

This weekend for me is reflected well in this verse. These words spoken by Jesus are very timely to me right now. I have taken the words of Marko seriously so far by skipping sessions, concerts, seminar and having necessary conversations with people who have played a significant role in my faith journey.

I went to Jon Imbeau's "Spirit Filled Ministry" session (the one I did in fact go to) and was blown away at the great stuff he was sharing! So true, that my life needs to be spirit even think that my ministry will go anywhere. Even more than students need to have lives filled with the power of the Holy dream their dreams...and to see them accomplished.

I got to spend time tonight talking to my wife tonight. I definitely miss her, and can't wait to see her again on Sunday! I LOVE YOU BABE!

I hope for anyone who is reading this that you're taking time his weekend to discover where you fit in God's story. As God continue to write His story...we are included in that. How cool. Anyways, it's after midnight and I need to get some sleep.

More to come...


CYWC Day #2 -Critical Concerns Course

I've really enjoyed spending the past 2 days with Matt Wilks in the Critical Concerns Course called "Students who share in the mission of God." This has been a great time hearing about God's story and how we as youth workers, can share with our students God's story and how they fit into it. If you want the notes for this course I've typed them all up and would be happy to email them to you. Just leave me a message.

These youth workers around me have really been a blessing through being so honest and authentic with where they are at. You can hear from their stories, and see it in their faces how in love with God they are, and how much they love their students.

God I pray for these youth workers that you show them how they can engage in your story throughout this weekend. I pray that when they travel home and spend time with their students that lives are changed...and that in everything that we do we show Jesus and how He gives us life and life to its fullest.


Thursday, November 29, 2007


What a great night. My buddy Chris and I headed off to what has to be the most amazing sushi restaurant in Vancouver: Shabusen. We ate and ate and ate until we had to undo our belts one notch! I knew I should have worn my stretchy pants!

I got news today that my buddy Darian (who's been the driving force in seeing the CYWC come to fruition) went into the hospital last night for an appendectomy. Yikes! I am praying for him, and that he will get well enough to join his crew and all the youth pastors/leaders who are here this weekend. So pray for Darian!

I really feel that for myself this weekend God is calling me to just soak it all in. To take time to have coffee with old friends (already lining one up this weekend with Marv Penner), to engage in great conversations, and to just rest in God's presence. This is going to be a great weekend!

More updates to come...


CYWC Day #1

I made it. I got the wifi access code and we're up and running.

Today as been awesome so far. I learned about some guy who bought a really awesome Bubble Tea that had a picture of Pikachu on it holding his straw! He seemed really excited about it.

I think this is the theme of things to come for this weekend...TOTAL RANDOMNESS.

I ran into Marko today and apparently I'm no longer the only blogger for this conference! YEAH. And it's great to see so many friends that I haven't seen in forever! I can't wait to have some great conversations.

Anyways, time to head back into my critical concerns course.



Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Canadian Youth Workers Conference

Starting tomorrow and lasting until Sunday I'll be surrounded by 899 other youth pastors/leaders etc...oh you just know this is going to be great!

I'm really excited about seeing so many friends from all over the country who are coming out here for the conference. I'll be crashing in some church basement in Vancouver with my good friend Jeff from the church I interned at in Lethbridge! Some good friends from Lethbridge are also speaking/presenting at this I'm looking forward to sitting in their sessions and heckling them!

Knowing that Youth Specialties is partnering with Candafire to make this thing happen is really great. One thing I want to see is how "Canadian" this conference will be. So much of my life and the lives of students is heavily influences by American culture. And by reading Marko's blog I know that this issue has been forefront in the discussions surrounding this conference! I am grateful to these Godly men for ensuring that what we get as a conference isn't some cheap, watered-down NYWC, but rather our own, prayerfully planned CYWC. It is great to see how many Canadians with obvious God-given talent will be speaking at this conference. And to have Starfield & Thousand Foot Krutch perform as well...WOO HOO.

So I will be blogging from the you all updates as to what I'm learning, and what other crazy things are going on when you cram 900+ people into a convention room for 4 days!



Tuesday, November 20, 2007


what a great opportunity! you simply visit and by correctly associating the word given with its definition you donate 10 grains of rice. you can play as long as you like. today i donated 200 grains.

what a great thing to do when you've got a few minutes at home, or to send to all your friends. i'm going to send this to my students to challenge them that we can all make a difference! even if it's something as simple as this.

so see how well you do with the vocabulary! and donate some rice.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What Would Jesus Buy?


Yup, either this guy has a powerful message to bring to us...or he's a nut-job. Either way, I laughed hysterically at the trailer on their site. Especially the part where he exercises the demon's from the Victoria's Secret Cash Register!

So head on over to their site, and waste a few minutes of your day! I especially enjoy the fact that their title writing is in the "Disney" font...I enjoy the symbolism there!

Official Site: What Would Jesus Buy Movie

YouTube: Interview on Glenn Beck

God Save Christmas...or at least save us from this wacko!


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

ASBO Jesus

The picture might be a little small for you to see (click to make larger)...but man does it ever spew forth truth! I stumbled across this site while on one of my many "internet surfing safari's" It's called ASBO Jesus and for us non-British folk, the pages about section informs us that ASBO stands for "Anti-Social Behaviour Order."

This cartoon is #203 and is titled The Morning Jesus Came To Preach. The entire site had me in hysterics. Many of these cartoons are fitting (though somewhat satirical) commentaries on today evangelical church culture.

Many of them are no-holds-barred call outs from a generation who is growing apart from mainstream means of "doing church." For anyone who is a leader in a church, these comics are worth the read. For many people who find it hard to step into a typical church you may echo with the satire used.

Either way...they stir up and create conversation. I like conversation.


Friday, November 02, 2007

Jr. High Fall Retreat

This is going to be one of those "lightbulb moments" for me this weekend. I have the privilege of taking 14 Jr. High students over to Camp Qwanoes for their 1st ever retreat weekend.

Amidst the fear, apprehension, body tremors, lack-of-sleep, energy drinks, wedgies, and wrestling matches, God is going to rock the lives of these 14 students this weekend--and I get the joy of being there to see these image bearers of God experience a weekend unlike they've never experienced before.

Last weekend I was over at Qwanoes and fell ill with tonsillitis and a fever of 102. I'm still drugging myself up, and don't expect a relapse into my comatosed state like last weekend.

Jr. High ministry is something that you know you're called into. It's a joy to see these when these students have "God Moments" where something new clicks and it rocks their often naive and parent-centered-faith beyond what they've grown up hearing or have been taught by parents. These weekends can be milestone moments in a young persons life...and something that I am blessed to be apart of.

So pray for our students this weekend. Pray for sleep (praise God that we get 1 extra hour because of Daylight Savings Time!), pray for our speaker to really open God's word up to these kids and rock their socks, and pray for us as leaders to know how to best come alongside these students in this very precarious part of their faith journey.

I'll be home Sunday,