Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Soaked at Switchfoot

yup. I left the Croatian Cultural Centre around 11pm last night absolutely drenched in sweat (some my own...much more from others).

Last night marked the start date of Switchfoot's Canadian tour. It's been a while since these guys have done a full out Canadian tour and I know many of my friends are eager to see them in the city nearest to them. Last night's show was simply spectacular.

They kicked off the show with Oh Gravity and the music didn't stop for another 2 hours. Being general admission I was able to squeeze myself all the way to the front basically. You could call it "front row" but there were really no "rows". Gasping for air and dying for water I staked my claim on my one square foot of floor space that would be my home for the show.

Half way through the show Switchfoot played "Life & Love & Why" as their requested song that was voted on by fans prior to the show. Great to hear that song again! The whole set list is somewhat of a blur to me otherwise I'd post it for you. But they did not dissapoint with many great favorites like "Dare you to Move" We Were Meant to Live". For their encore, Tim came out with only his acoustic and played "24" followed by the band joining them and rocking out to "We are One Tonight."

Sorry, but I didn't bring my camera this time, 'cause I just wanted to enjoy the evening and not have to worry about an expensive camera wrapped around my wrist. So take my word for it, this was a great evening. You missed out if you were thinking of going.

P.S. Andrew...you missed a good one, but obviously God saw more important things for you to be doing (eg.) spending time with your new baby boy! Next time man...you and me we'll hit up a show together!

Rock On!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007


mmm. heart cookies!

Well today is Valentine's Day. The day when every male is frantically purchasing roses from a road side vendor to bring home to his loved one.

Charity and I on the other hand are getting to go downtown to the Hyatt Regency Hotel Ballroom for a Black Tie Formal Dinner Gala Evening.

The Reason: My dad is being inaugurated as the President of Skal. So tonight Charity and I are getting all dressed up fancy-like and meeting my parents, brother & sister-in-law, and others down there for dinner, drinks, and dancing. It's not often that we get the chance to dress up in our fancy clothes and go for a nice evening...so we're really excited.

I hope all of you who have a special someone are planning something nice tonight. And for all you hopeless males out there...Wal-Mart is open late for your convenience!

Happy V-Day!


Monday, February 05, 2007

on the inter-web

yup, my church has finally gotten itself a website! WOOT. (that's for you Todd).


After years of using this really old, outdated, virtually useless website (if you can call it a website), www.nwlb.2ya.com (click and go to it...and please laugh...laugh until you cry), we now have one that we can be far more proud of.

This website launched yesterday at our church's AGM...and I'm grateful that this church can communicate in a language congruent with 21st century culture. I believe it's useless to operate a website unless you USE IT to communicate to your community and culture. So with the launch will come more changes, updates, additions, expansions, and I'm sure a wide variety of both positive and negative feedback.

So for all my nerd friends out there...let me know your thoughts on the site. Realize that I'm not the webmaster...and I don't have God-like capabilities to just go and change things instantly. (even though that'd be a cool ability to possess). I want to know if you're looking at this website for the first time, which is the true case for most people, then tell me your feedback on:
1) what you like
2) what you dis-like
3) found easy to navigate through?
4) found cumbersome/awkward?
5) colours?
6) graphics?
7) anything else...

I want to make this site something that our church can be proud of, and use as a clear communication tool for the gospel to our community around us and to our current church people too.


Friday, February 02, 2007



I went to the doctor's yesterday and was told that I have Strep Throat! So painful that I can barely eat & drink anything because it hurts so bad to swallow. So I'm on some anti-biotics, and hopefully this will clear up soon...'cause for some reason I have this HUGE craving right now for some real authentic enchiladas. Don't ask why...but they sound so good right now, and there's no way that I could eat them with my throat the way it is.

So yeah...I'm even home sick from church this morning. First time EVER in the 2 1/2 years of being at NWLB. So Charity is there sticking up for me and receiving pity from everyone! Yup, hopefully I can be back at work on Tuesday... 'cause I'm starting to get really behind.



Ugh. I rarely get sick...in fact the last time I can remember ironically was just over a year ago at this same time.

Stupid Flu...or whatever is trying to take control of my body. Charity and I were supposed to go on a date tonight...that's not going to happen now.

In a pleasant turn for good...my Palm FINALLY came back yesterday. YEAH. It's been one month without it...and man did that suck.

Well, I can barely stare at this monitor as I type this, so I'm going to lay down.

Wanting to be healthy again,