Saturday, April 30, 2005


Being a Pastor I am often in need of purchasing curiculum, CD's, devotional books, etc. I have always appreciated having a variety of Christian stores in the Lower Mainland to choose from. Now having been here for 10 months I was wondering why I hadn't called the various stores to get my name on their flyer mailout list.

I called the various stores and had no problem getting back onto their mailout lists. However, one store has really soured my opinion of them because of how they decide who receives their mailouts. Blessings Christian Marketplace ( did not have my name on file, and couldn't give me an exact answer when I called them a few days ago. Last night they left a message on my answering machine detailing why I probably hadn't received one.

*This is NOT verbatim what they said...but my best recollection*

The woman on my answering machine said that the store only sends out a couple of large scale mailouts per year, but they only try to target those who spend larger amounts of money in their stores. She said that in order for me to ensure that I received their next mailout I would need to come into their store more often and spend a good deal more money. This is what got me ticked off. So as a Christian the only way that I could get a flyer which would tell me of times when I could save my money and be a good steward of the funds God has entrusted me with (which is a Biblical principle), I would need to spend even more money? My church does not have a million dollar budget here...and any funds that we can save can be used in many other areas.

I couldn't believe that this was her answer...I need to spend more money then I already do in order to get the priviledge (note sarcasm) to be on their mailout list. I am now considering making the majority of my purchases from House of James ( in Abbotsford or Celebration ( in Surrey. I thought it was bad enough when Blessings started to open their stores on Sunday's (Does anyone remember that thing called The Sabbath?)

This may just be me rambling, but it saddens me to think that even Christianity is controlled by the All-Mighty Dollar Sign $$$.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Graduation Weekend

Well like I promised here are some pics from my Grad weekend out in Saskatchewan. I couldn't believe how sunny and warm it was. Some said it was the nicest Grad weekend in almost 20 years. This was a great time to see many of my friends again and hear so many great stories of how Jesus Christ has been working in their lives and in the lives of so many others on campus. I'm gonna miss that place, (well mostly the people), but during those 3 years on campus I must say it is their that I came to a far greater understanding of how someone like me can by used by God for amazing things! What a great chapter to add to my book of life.

Marv Penner and I (He is the Chair of the Youth Ministry
department at Briercrest. This man is a true fountain
of Youth Ministry wisdom.
The 3 Grad-Migo's

From L to R (Matt Prior, Evan Paschke, Me)
These 2 friends have been so amazing to learn from
and experience life with. Matt is heading to Portland,
and Evan is going to Winnipeg. I look forward to
seeing them soon.
Mom and Dad came too !

It was great to have my Mom and Dad come out
to share in this great occasion.
Done at last !!!

At home we have a picture that was taken when
I first visited the Briercrest Campus 4 years ago.
I thought it would be cool to have this picture taken
wearing my cap & gown to signify the end of my
time at Briercrest.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

stay tuned...

Well it was an amazing weekend out in Saskatchewan. I am now officially graduated! I will have my pics up soon, but tommorow morning I leave for 3 days to Vernon for a Pastor's conference. Some of you might be getting the idea that I don't really work...I do...I promise!



Thursday, April 21, 2005

Flat land here I come !

My bags are packed, I'm ready to to go...ugh! Does anyone else hate that song? Truth be told I am flying out this afternoon to Saskatchewan to GRADUATE from Briercrest College! It's been 6 years since graduating high school and I am quite excited about feeling that "ahhh...I'm done" sensation all over again. It's going to be a great weekend seeing friends that I miss, and receiving that piece of paper that says that I am now edumacted. <--- sorry I'm not that bright afterall. The one downside is that my wife wont' be taking the trip with me. Not the ideal situation, but we'll manage. (If you're reading this sweety I love you lots and will see you in a couple days) To all the rest of you who have played a role in my last 4 years of college, thanks! You know who you are...and you are the best friends a guy could ask for. I'll throw some pix up once I am back so that you can see how spiffy I look in that dumb square hat and black gown.

See ya... Ty

P.S. If you noticed the above inserted picture I am flying on Westjet. Sucks to be one of those people who got shafted by JetsGo...Westjet is the only way to go.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Picutre to start things off...

This is me and my beautiful wife Charity!!!

The Genesis of Blog...

I have to admit for a self-confessed 'gadget geek' who somehow has adopted the doctrine of "I gotta be up on the latest trend or else my life is over" I can't believe it's been this long to get into the world of blogging. So here I go on a journey that I don't know where it's gonna take me, but I am sure it's going to be worth while in the end.

I hope you return to partake in this journey with me...