Saturday, January 27, 2007

RESCUE--Amazing Music!!!


Simply amazing. Chances are you have never heard of these 4 guys from Portland Oregon, but I have to say you are really missing out.

Now before I go any further let me tell you what genre of music they are....A Capella. Yup, no instruments, just the sound of 4 incredible voices. Yet some of the most amazing music that I've heard in a long time.

Rescue is performing this weekend at Missions Fest, and our youth group had the privilege, and I mean it when I say privilege of hearing them perform. Simply awe-inspiring. Their vocal talents are unlike anything I've heard in a LONG time. These guys had totally captured the attention of every one of my well as hundreds more that were there last night.

Ask any of the students who were there last night what their favorite part was and they'll say the Vocal Percussionist Demo. Brandon Bell, did a drum solo, beat boxed, and performed tons of more "sounds" I guess you could call them. The performance left us speechless. We were cheering like crazy at the end. It was phenomenal.

I highly recommended you check out their website & myspace.

And please click on "Vocal Percussion Demo" on both sites...they're both different, but each are simply amazing in their own right. They'll leave you just jaw-dropped at the end.

These guys have totally changed my outlook on A Capella music. Listen to as much as possible on their sites, and if you like 'em you can order their CD's off the main website.



Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How Cheap is Your iPod?

So how long did you have to save up to finally get your precious iPod?

A news report from Australia says that we Canadians pay actually the LEAST for our iPod's compared to other countries around the world.

They used a 2gb Nano as their test iPod, and on avg. Canadians pay $144.20 USD (test was done using US currency) compared with Brazil where they pay $327.71 USD for the same product!

So be grateful you don't live down in Brazil the next time you're looking to purchase an iPod.

Woot for Canada!


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Perturbed with Palm!

I pray this never happens to you.

I have been an avid Palm user for quite some time now. It began with the old school Palm IIIxe, then moved up in the world to the Palm Tungsten E, and now I am the owner of the amazing Palm T|X.

I have always been pleased with my Palm products...until now. SIX months after receiving my T|X from my wife & family for my B-day it ceased to turn on/off. The button was totally fried. So, I go to Palm's website, and find out that I have to pay to ship it back to them for service (even though it's still under warranty!). So $20 bucks later, I shipped it to Palm in Toronto on Jan. 3rd.

Their website states this:
Send in our original palmOne device at your own expense to a designated palmOne repair center; using the instructions sent to you in the order confirmation email. Once your device is received by palmOne repair center, a new or reconditioned palmOne device, at palmOne's sole discretion, will be sent to you within 7 business days.

So...after seeing online that my order should be sent back to me on Jan. 10th I was quite happy. NOPE. After a few days I check my Service Order...and find out it's delayed until Jan. 18th. So today...eager to see that my palm is coming back to me...I find out it's now delayed even further until Jan 23rd.

So today I call Palm. Not only do they not have a complaint department, all they are willing to do is note that I have called and they simply offer a formalized apology saying "I'm sorry, but there's nothing that we can do about this right now." Even though their website "states" maybe even could be interpreted as "guarantee's" that you'll receive either your palm repaired or a new one in 7 days...this means NOTHING.

So here I sit...without a $400 dollar PDA, that is somewhere in Toronto...and all I want is for it's speedy return to me. Some of you naysayers will tell me that I should just go back to the days of a pen and paper...but I will hear nothing of the sort.

So I pray that you never have this kind of problem with your Palm. They are great devices, and I've never had a problem until now...but man, this company SUCKS THE BIG ONE when it comes to customer service.

Still Waiting...


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

drool Steve Jobs announced the release of the Apple iPhone. Oh man, you've got to get yourself over to the Apple Website and check this one out!!!

Looks like the storage availability of this will be 4gb or not the greatest if you're a die-hard iPod user who's currently has the 80gb version...but this thing is simply amazing. Touch screen everything... widescreen video capability... bluetooth headset... oh man! Well I guess this gives me 11 months to beg for this for next Christmas!

Cost for this wont be cheap either. Reports have the 4gb set at $499 & the 8gb @ $599 USD. And for all my Canadian friends who are Telus Mobility subscribers...looks like you'll be outta luck. Canada's "The Gazette" newspaper reports that Rogers Wireless will be the Canadian carrier for the iphone since they're the only Canadian wireless company that uses GSM.

Anyways, time to get back to reality.... If I spend much more time looking at this thing...I'm gonna short-circuit my laptop keyboard.

trying oh-so-hard not to covet:


Friday, January 05, 2007


Date: Monday Feb. 19th

Time: 7:00pm

Location: Croatian Cultural Centre (Vancouver)

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Date: Saturday Feb. 24th

Time: 7:00pm

Location: Chandos-Pattison Auditorium (Surrey)

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Date: Tuesday Apr. 17th

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Croatian Cultural Centre (Vancouver)

Tickets are ON SALE NOW !

God’s Timing is Everything...

Well Happy New Year. 2007 is here...and it started out a little differently that I had anticipated. Charity and I loved our time our in Alberta with her family at the reunion. She'll be the first to tell you that I ate moose meat. I'll be the first to tell you that I rode a snow-mobile for the first time. She'll be the first to tell you a played with puzzles. I'll be the first to tell you I went back-country snowboarding with a good friend of mine.

Either way you hear it we had a great time. What had to be the most amazing part of the whole trip was how God cleared the roads for us. We purchased Charity's parent's '98 Accord in Lethbridge and obviously needed to drive it back home to BC. Now, traveling Highway 1 in December usually means snow...lots of snow. Well, here's where God's timing is everything. There was NO SNOW on the roads the entire trip. We drove at or slightly above the speed limit the entire time. I didn't even know I was on Rogers Pass until we saw a sign saying "You are now leaving Rogers Pass". That's how clear the roads were. God's timing is everything.

However not all aspects of God's timing coincide with how we want his timing to work itself out. Charity and I were blessed with a Christmas Bonus from our church. WOW. That was never expected. However...they wanted to encourage us, and support us, and ultimately bless us. We began to make plans for this bonus. We were going to put the funds away to pay for part of our vacation we're hoping to take this summer. Perfect....! WELL... again God had other plans.

New Years Day morning we slept in, and then got ready to head to Ladner for a belated Christmas with my family. I went to load some of our presents into the car. As I looked closely at the cars I noticed something. On our Vibe, the passenger mirror was vandalized. The mirror itself lay on the sidewalk, while the housing for it was broken on the inside. Then I looked over to our Accord...and the entire passenger mirror housing was like someone sat on it. It was only being held on by the connecting wires!!!

So on January 2nd I took both cars into find out the damage total. Turns out our deductible is about the same as to just pay to fix them with cash. insurance to cover the damage...but...God's timing is everything. The Christmas Bonus we received from the church was enough to cover the cost of fixing both mirrors. PRAISE GOD. So today I'm off to hopefully get one fixed--if not both.

Charity and I had plans for that money....good plans....OUR plans... However, God knew of our upcoming misfortune, and had it all planned out. I learned a lot this Christmas, especially that God knows my needs...and as for my wants...God's timing is everything.