Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Let down at Blessings...again

Many of you know my dissatisfaction with Blessings Christian Marketplace. Well today I went there bright and early at 9am when the doors opened to purchase the new David Crowder CD "A Collision" (Who wouldn't want this awesome CD?)


The ONLY reason I went to Blessings to purcahse the CD, was because my awesome friend Andrew Haak snagged a $10 dollar Gift Certificate for me at the TFK concert that was in Abbotsford a few weeks back. (THANKS BUDDY!!!) So I figured...sale price= $12.79 - $10 Gift Certificate =CHEAP CD!!!

Well...I walk into the store, and ask the sales associate where their David Crowder CD's are. Her reply "We won't be getting them in for at least a couple of days" Apparently they've been misplaced. ARRRGGHHH. How can they do this to me? I look online at House of James and they've got 150 IN STOCK. Why can't House of James open a new store in Langley and make this Christian music obsessed Youth Pastor happy? Anyways, so now they have my number and will call me whenever it comes in. It's almost worth paying the extra cash to get it today...but then again I'm a poor pastor so cheaper is always better.

So I wait...maybe God is teaching me to be more patient...all I know is that it's going to be even fewer and far between before I shop at Blessings Christian Marketplace anytime in the near future.

Blessings, (pun intended)


Spectacular news...Blessings somehow managed to find the "misplaced" David Crowder CD's and when our church secretary was down in Langley she pikced my copy up!!!! WOO HOO. Now I am a happy-musically-obsessed-Youth Pastor.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Hear me out folks...

The other day I was flippin' thru the TV channels and stumbled accross a little promo moment about Switchfoot's new album "Nothing is Sound." I purcahsed this album right at 9:30am last Tuesday at HMV for $9.99 (since our Christian store was selling it for $12.79) and if you read one of my earliest blogs about Blessings Christian Marketplace then you'll understand why I didn't purchase it there!

Anyways, back on track. The program that the album was getting some promo on was Much Music's "Much On Demand" co-hosted by Matte Babel. During the show he was giving a brief synopsis of the album for the viewers. I cannot say verbatim what Matte said but the words that he did say have rung clear in my head for days...

"This new album by switchfoot is filled with rock infused lyrics that ring out with teenage angst...blah blah blah...then he concludes his synopsis with saying that this album (and the teenage-angst-lyrics) will have you hating your parents by the end of it."

In the words of "the Champ"...I loose it...!

I could not believe that this was the promo that Switchfoot was getting live on air at Much Music! Immediately I began to pray for those who go out to purchase this album that God will grab ahold of them and serious work miracles in their hearts through the lyrics. I have listened to the entire album and cannot find much if anything that would stir up hatred for ones parents. This kind of review just makes me wanna scream!

In an interview done for Christian Music Planet magazine: frontman Jon Foreman said this "We have always tried to make music that resonates with the church and the mainstream," Foreman says. "That is what Switchfoot is about."

I agree with Jon whole-heartidly...and I hope that those who are devoted fans of switchfoot will continue to support this great band by purcahsing their CD. I don't wanna run on and on and on with this rant so I'm gonna cut it off now.

Thanks for hearing me out:


Wednesday, September 14, 2005


On Friday September 9th...21 students gathered for what soon became the messiest, and stinkiest youth event ever imagined here at in.sight youth ministry. As the countdown went...3...2....1....GO !!! The students ran towards a table filled with food...and in a matter of seconds the food was FLYING EVERYWHERE.

It looks like Allison really enjoys mustard...but Tiana on the other hand seems to prefer good ol' Heinz Ketchup...that or she was just about to squirt Allison in order to give her that "perfect hotdog" smell...mmm!

You should have seen the colour of the water when we rinsed out the hair of Justin & Rebecca. These two deffinately went hard core...and smelt rotten to the core by then end of the food fight.

Here they all are...(well minus a few people who were desperate to change and clean off). Congratulations to everyone who came out and enojyed the nastiest...smelliest....groosest event we've ever had. I think we'll have to outdo outselves next year...any one interested?

*This coming Friday we're going up to Maple Ridge for the annual Water War. This year we're gonna have around 3 THOUSAND water balloons! It's gonna be a wet one...

If anyone wants to see more pictures of the event just leave me a message or email me at thagan@telus.net

P.S. If you wonder how we cleaned up most of the mess...I left it there for the birds to eat! They seem to love mushy cake, hotdogs, and piles of pudding!