Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Church Marketing Sucks

Well, I very well might get mixed reviews from this blog posting...but that's ok. There is nothing wrong with stirring the pot a little bit!

It's not too often I stumble across a blog site that really captivates me. This one has! I recently updated my "good stuph"column on my own site, and had to put this one on there. If you've never heard of this site their motto is:

"The blog to frustrate, educate, and motivate the church to communicate, with uncomprimising clarity, the truth of Jesus Christ."

Brilliant! I couldn't agree more that as a church we know of the "good news" and how many times do we fail and sharing this with those in our sphere of influence (friends, family, co-workers). I know that I have been guilty at sugar coating/watering down the gospel--and I know that I am not alone in this matter. The words that come out of our mouths reflect just as much--if not more of our character than how we act/react.

How many of you have seen incredibly tacky sayings on church signs? Anyone? You can even design your own church sign online now! Click here to try it out. Here at my church I am in charge of putting up the new sayings on our large sign. (I am not the one responsible for choosing what goes up there--just to clarify). Here's a great sign that I am very proud of...

*Note* The church's name & phone number have been removed for privacy reasons.

Back to talking about the Church Marketing Sucks site. I have spent some good quality time reading some of these articles that are posted. Many are thought provoking and really do challenge your thoughts on how church's market themselves (both for good and for worse). One of my favourite articles on their site right now is this. There is follow up to the article that can be found here. Let's just say that it probably isn't a good idea when you use the words of Satan to be your church's welcome announcement on the header on your website...oops!

Enough rambling for now...I look forward to hearing your feedback on this one. I'll leave you with this...

Q: What's the worst saying that you've ever seen on a church sign? Or worst church sign?




Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

Nothing like paying homage to a great Simpsons episode and wishing all of you out there a Happy Valentines Day. I guess you could call that multi-tasking!!!

I'm heading out of the office here shortly to go cook a spectacular dinner for my amazing wife. Nothing huge planned this year...we both agreed on that. I sure have the best wife in the whole wide world...I love you sweety!

...for all of you who will leave me a message telling me otherwise please re-direct your comment to the wall behind you.

For those of you who forgot that it was Valentines Day...shame on you! Chances are after reading this you'll go to the local 7-11 & spend $50 bucks on the last bouquet of roses! Or purcahse the last box of chocloates that has a dent in it...but hopefully she won't notice! Ahh the joys...

Happy Valentines Day:


Monday, February 06, 2006


It was exciting news when my brother called this past Friday night. My brother (Terry) and his highschool sweetheart (Alisha) who have been dating for over 5 years got engaged! It's kind of wierd to think that my little brother is getting married, but when it comes down to it, they are extremely happy together, and Charity and I are extremely happy for them.

We don't have too many details at this time regarding date & location but these, I am sure, will come sooner than later, along with all the other details that come with planning a wedding! For any of you out there who would like to personally congradulate them, leave me a message or e-mail me and I will pass on their contact details.

Now to plan that bachelor party...


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fat Pastor

Yup, yesterday at the gym I finally stepped up onto the scale and these were the three numbers that I saw. This past year and a half has seen me go from the best shape I was ever in (right before my wedding) to the worst shape I've ever been in. Many of my newlywed guy friends have adopted the term "married ponch" to kindly "poke" fun at our belly buldge. Call it a belated New-Years it whatever, but things need to change.

So as of today you are officially invited to join me on this journey towards getting back into shape. My goal is to loose:

25 lbs. before I'm 25

This means that I should reach my goal no later than June 16th. This gives me just about 20 weeks to do this in. I should see no reason why I can't pull this off. I know that I need to eat better, to hit the gym more (since I've had a membership there for over a year now), and to stop watching so much T.V.

I challenge any and all of my friends out there to do likewise, if lately you haven't felt all too proud of your "ponch." I might post some progress pictures, but I'll wait until I hear some positive feedback before I go ahead and potentially scar your virgin eyes!

Let's Get Physical: